The Bagel Debacle, Part II

I got my bagel yesterday. We had to drive all the way to Tyler, Texas (where the closest bagel shop is located, according to Google Maps), but I’ve driven much further for much less.

The shop (an Einstein Brothers franchise) was bustling with people: young, old, Southerners, Yanks, black, white…you get the idea. Why I had to travel to a city half the size of Shreveport and about 140 miles further from Brooklyn, I’ll never know, but we bought a dozen for the freezer, so I’ll be satisfied until April or so.

Shreveport,  I love you, but what’s the deal?


P.S. Look for a “real” update tomorrow! And thanks for your patience with my northern indignity, readers.



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2 responses to “The Bagel Debacle, Part II

  1. Target on Youree sells Einstein’s bagels. I developed a taste for those working there in grad school! Still wish we had real bagels in Shreveport.

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