Chilly snacks for chilly days

Well, I think it’s safe to say that the season has officially changed here in Shreveport. How is it that just a couple of weeks ago my Facebook feed was full of frustrated friends venting about the unseasonably warm weather? I wore my scarf to the farmer’s market this morning!

Just in time for the cold weather are TWO brand-new frozen treat establishments that I’m ridiculously excited about. Opened in September, Geauxsicles, over on Youree Drive, specializes in handmade, gourmet ice pops in outrageous flavors. Companion and I have already visited enough times to get a free pop with our punch card. Flavors like Southern Peach (peaches and cream with cinnamon), Mandarineez (mandarin orange, fresh basil, ginger, and coconut), and PB&J (creamy peanut butter with a swirl of strawberry) are menu standouts, and they also have a sizable offering of no sugar added varieties, as well as seasonal flavors like Sassy Cider and S’mores. With so much talk lately about eating and buying locally, Shreveport owned and operated Geauxsicles provides a good opportunity to put your money where your mouth is and keep cash in our community.

The second place on my list is so new that a Google search for its name doesn’t generate any hits. Fruiti Yogo, on the corner of Youree and 70th Street, is a new-to-Shreveport frozen yogurt idea. Fruiti Yogo offers an almost completely self-service experience. Walk into the stylishly minimal shop, grab a cup, and start helping yourself to an incredible variety of flavors. This week’s offerings include green tea, pomegranate, red velvet, and plain ol’ vanilla. Once you’re satisfied with your yogurt base, visit their toppings bar and pick from fresh raspberries, blackberries, coconut jelly, Fruity Pebbles, chocolate chips, nuts, and more. When you’re finally done, your yogurt creation is weighed and priced by the ounce. A yogurt place boasting a similar concept opened last summer in my Florida hometown, and I was lucky enough to try some when I was there for a visit. I was totally hooked and a bit depressed that Shreveport didn’t have something comparable. Well, depressed no more! I especially like the idea of Fruiti Yogo; the option to buy as much or as little as you like makes it a good choice for an after dinner treat (because sometimes you just want a little hit of sweetness without committing to a piece of cake or an ice cream cone. Or at least I know I do). By the way, Fruiti Yogo is in the Kroger shopping center, on the side that faces 70th Street (next to Southern Maid).

With the sudden and drastic dip in temperatures, I know frozen snacks aren’t the first on anyone’s list. But I think Geauxsicles and Fruiti Yogo are great and overdue additions to our lackluster dessert scene, and I’d love to see them stick around.




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5 responses to “Chilly snacks for chilly days

  1. Noma

    Alex, introduce yourself to me at the market sometime. I’m the manager (that pushes the cart.) I enjoy your posts and would love to meet you.

    • Hey Noma, thanks for commenting! I’ve heard your name thrown around town, and I’m pretty sure we know a lot of the same people. I will definitely say hey next time I’m at the market. Thank you, thank you for bringing a farmer’s market to Shreveport. It’s something I look forward to each weekend.

  2. emifitz

    I’m interested in trying both places, but I’m curious why the frozen treats are “just in time for the cold weather?” It would seem their business would start at a slower pace opening in Oct/Nov than say May or June. But certainly the free press they are receiving here is a definitely plus!

    • It was sarcasm–or something vaguely resembling sarcasm. It seemed odd to me that both places opened for business on the cusp of the cooler seasons, so saying they are here “just in time for cold weather” was just a playful little jab. Sometimes what I have in my head doesn’t translate too well to the blog.

      • emifitz

        I can definitely appreciate the sarcasm and wish I had read more closely to pick up on it! I’ve heard a similar reaction from others around town as well. It will be interesting to see how the business fares at both places.

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