Savoring Shreveport is Shreveport-Bossier’s first blog devoted to restaurant reviews and local foodie news. The blog was established in January 2010 by Alex, a newcomer and food enthusiast disheartened with the coverage of Shreveport’s food scene.  Savoring Shreveport aims to give mention, for better or for worse, to the restaurants often overlooked in favor of larger chains. As Shreveport grows, so does its culinary thumbprint, and each eatery deserves a closer look.

About Alex: Alex is a 2009 graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa, with a B.A. in English. While she started cooking as a hobby sometime during her sophomore year, her passion for food in general was ignited during her graduation dinner at the internationally recognized Bern’s Steak House.

Alex moved to Shreveport in 2009. In addition to blogging, she works as a freelance writer with work appearing in SB Magazine, VisitSouth.com, and Encore Louisiana.

She feels she’s adjusted well to Southern life, but she’s homesick for Cuban sandwiches, watching the sun set while neck-deep in the Gulf, and the curbless suburbs of her hometown. Oh, and bagels. [EDITED 4/11/12: Shreveport now has Cuban sandwiches and bagels!]

Comments, suggestions, and tips may be e-mailed to Alex at savoringshreveport@gmail.com.


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  1. Nice to know you. Found you via Mike at Chicken Fried Gourmet. You’re in good company.

  2. Judy

    Alex, I’m coming down to Shreveport to visit the last week of June. Do you have a top 10 restaurant list you can share with me? Thanks – found your blog via a post at tripadvisor

    • Hi Judy! I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to respond. To answer your question (and I hope it’s not too late), I do not have a formal list, but I can reveal some of my favorites, if you’d like:

      Pizza: PieWorks (www.pieworks.com)

      Burgers: Papa and Co. at 545 E. Washington St.

      Southern/Soul: Southfield Grill on Southfield Ave.

      Nicer Italian: Olive Street Bistro (www.olivestreetbistro.com)

      New American: Wine Country Bistro (www.winecountrynet.com)

      For regional specialties like boudin, meat pies, and crawfish by the pound, I like Shaver’s Catering on Youree Drive.

      I think this is a good start. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to leave another comment, or e-mail me at savoringshreveport@gmail.com.

  3. I just found your blog (a quick Google search of Deli Tini brought me to your review) and you are hilarious! I really enjoyed reading your reviews–I wish there were more.

    I, too, am a Shreveport transplant and have had quite the time navigating the restaurants here. Some good, some bad as you point out.

  4. Chaile

    Hi Alex,

    My name is Chaile Allen and I love your blog. I have really enjoyed keeping up with it these last few months. I am so sorry to see you go and I will miss your updates. Has anyone offered to take over your blog? Are you willing to let someone take over for you? If you are willing to pass your blog along and no one else has offered then please contact me. I am a local young attorney and I love to eat and write! My email is chaile.allen@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Frances

    I absolutely cannot believe that you gave Another Broken Egg even a decent food rating. We read the review from your site before going there this morning and were horrified at the “quality” of the food. This is a statement I sent to the “restaurant”.
    My husband and I visit family in Dallas and Houston. In both places we have our favorite restaurants of similar style to that of the broken egg that actually make this style of restaurant work with much lower prices for MUCH BETTER food. The Bacquezo omelet was so strong with chorizo and Jack cheese that it overpowered the bacon, cream cheese and scallion. The hash browns had absolutely no flavor at all – bland – straight from the pre-prepped bag (obviously). I have had REAL corned beef hash – yours tastes straight from the Hormel (as your site boasts that you use) can with your price per serving more than the cost of a can off the grocery shelf. The “English muffins” were the worst I have ever tasted with a hint of freezer-burn. I ordered a Mimosa – it was served without a cocktail napkin or saucer underneath. no place to put the strawberry either after eating it or if one wishes only to remove it without eating. I had to leave it directly on the table after eating. We requested honey for our coffee, good thing the waitress forgot as we found out there would have been a CHARGE for this CONDIMENT. Not only will we not return and not recommend this restaurant, we will most certainly express openly and frequently to our relatives and friends how horrible our meal and visit to this “restaurant” was. The best part of the meal was the orange garnish that I ate before leaving to freshen my mouth of the extremely poor food.
    Equally as bad is Southfield Grill – I cant believe you would recommend an out-of-towner waste their money and time at either of these places.

    • Um, yikes. I am dismayed to hear you had such a horrible experience at Another Broken Egg. In my review, I did note several gripes I had with the place, mostly in regards to their prices. Charging for honey kind of ties into that…that’s just ludicrous. At this point, I’ve been there several times and enjoyed it abut 80%. It’s not my first choice for breakfast or brunch, but not my last, either. The last time I was there, however, the fruit that I ordered on the side (instead of potatoes) was out-of-season, warm (like it had been sitting under a heat lamp), and wholly unappetizing. Your other issues weren’t shared by me, but are still valid, and I’m sorry you tried it on my recommendation.

      I am curious to hear what you dislike about Southfield Grill. I’ve read a few negative reviews of them on Urbanspoon.com, but most of them pertain to the service. I’ve never had a particularly bad service experience there, so I can’t speak to that. I still love Southfield and will continue to do so, although I understand the community has some opposing opinions about them.

      Thanks for your input. I hope you get a constructive answer back from ABE. Good luck!


  6. aspamseesit

    Southfield Grill? The wait staff is selected for physical endowments, not waiting talent. The food is too salty and slopped onto a plate the way I’ld feed the hogs. There’s a reason food is cooked seperately. That seems to be a concept lost on a lot of local diners though.

  7. vphares

    You want a Cuban Sandwich in Shreveport. Try Sabores on South Lakeshore. I have never ordered one of the sandwiches but I’m told they are the real deal.


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